Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Pokerstars Drop The Ball

It looks like the Euro-friendly WSOP Double Shootouts on Stars are not going to take off this year. On Monday, the shootout was cancelled because it was one player short of the minimum required, 62 instead of 63. I emailed Stars about this and you can see the results in this thread :

C'mon Stars

To be honest my biggest disappointment is how poor the responses are. The first one makes no attempt at all to understand what I'm saying, and the second one tries but misses by a mile. I did have an off the record exchange with someone at Stars who is a bit more clued up, he basically said that software limitations make it very difficult for them to be flexible with this kind of thing on the spot, so there you go. It's not as big a deal as it would have been last year because there are more games I can play with a decent expectation, even though nothing could top the hourly on the DSs.

Apart from that I made a couple of final tables last night, one of them turned into the worst final table ever a very annoying 10th in the Ongame $100, which they have changed to 1 rebuy. I quite like this, obv I take the rebuy, lots of other people don't and it's still coming in $25K short of guarantee. Tomorrow I'm playing the £1000 at the Vic, against my better judgement really but we'll give it a spin. I might as well stick in online mode for this one, it's going to be easier than trying to change it up to a "live" style just for one tournament. This probably means rocking up early on and hopefully having a playable stack when the antes kick in. With 20BB or less I'm sure I'm better than 95% of the field, and as good as the other 5, so I'll just give it a spin and see what happens. Hopefully I won't have to go on a killing spree because of all the crap everyone talks.

Update : Busto at the Vic. Up to 14K when I called a UTG raiser with AK (in the big blind) at 75-150. Then I check-called every street on a board of AQ55x. He had a set of Queens, gg. I should probably fold the river but there are worse ways to go out. In fact no one said anything annoying, which is probably a good sign that there wasn't a lot of value. If anyone at the table's reading this, I had two pair when I 3-bet the Scandi all-in, though I could just as easily have had a big combo draw. Made it home in time to smash out of it online, which I would have done if I hadn't lost another FT flip. Ended up breaking even for the night online. The difference being, I'll be at another final table in days online compared to months live. If not years :-)

Further Update : The 1405 EST WSOP Double Shootouts are now off the schedule. Well, I tried.

How could you stick it in with that?
But please, take a gun, just in case.
I had to call. I was pot committed.
I didn't want to call, but it was too much value.
Don't you know who I am?
He's trying the squeeze play. It's obvious.
I'm going to wait for a better spot.
I had Aces, but I need to fold my way into the money.
I want to see that hand.
What did you have that last hand ?
I put you on AK.
That works every time but once.

I'll think of about 50 more when I'm not 6-tabling.

I'm gonna pass A-Q this time because i believe you.

Do you know it's a satelite, you dont have to win it... idiot

When i saw his hand i nearly puked. I mean come on. So sickening.

Il call you next time....

Ok lets play heads up, any stakes you want.

Lionel H.
Off topic - The T-shirt link isn't working for me. Can you confirm whether or not the problem's at your end?


Hi Ben,

There's something wrong with my domain name forwarding but you can access the shop direct here :

Thank you for bringing the problem to my attention.

Hey Andy,

James Keys here (seat 2 in the GUKPT at Vic), was wondering if you fancy swapping links? if you are.

Unlucky on the AK. I'm sure you fold there 50% of the time or more, but yeah it's not the worst way in the world to go out. I agree it was a good standard of table but I prefer it that way to be honest. I definitely have a disdain for live players that I think you may share, judging by your tone. Neil Channing tilted me on day 2 by being a whingeing c**t, saying I was over-aggro and making backhanded accusations that I was playing slowly.

Anyway GL and all that. See you around.

Hi Andy, could you drop me a mail at, I have a coaching proposition for you. Cheers, Daragh Thomas
Hi James,

I don't do the link-swapping as you can see, but I'll put your blog on my list and keep in touch.

It was funny on Thursday, I said to a friend afterwards that a live table can either be enjoyable or value, but rarely both. And Neil's alright when you get to know him !



PS I think you're overestimating my ability to pass top pair top kicker :-)
Jesus James, you're a bit tetchy. I was only on your table for about 20 minutes before I gave all my chips away to the eventual winner.

I can vaguely remember talking to you a couple of times. I wasn't in a paticularly great mood that day, but although I can't really remember any specific details, I think I attempted to engage in casual light-hearted banter. Sorry if that makes me a cunt.

haha! That's more than a little embarrassing. You're exactly right I was a bit tetchy, something to do with going from chip leader to out in the space of 2 hours, and playing badly too. It was a bad time to talk to me, you're not a cunt, I apologise profusely. If it's any consolation, I love your blog, and I really rate your articles in Bluff. I'll buy you a pint in Manchester if I see you.

Sorry again,

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