Friday, February 01, 2008


January Wrap-Up

I see no reason why I should be coy about numbers ; it's all on the databases for anyone who wants to look, and I might as well give you the accurate gen with proper rebuy counts etc. here. I racked up more than 90 hours in January, put $26K in play and oh so nearly doubled it, pulling in $51K gross, $25K net. Obviously the 100 rebuy helped with both volume and return ! Here's the HH from the win and a couple more from this month :

Stars $100 rebuy win ($20K)

Party $500 2nd place ($10K)

Stars $50 rebuy 3rd place ($5K)

Party $20 rebuy win ($5K)

All the scores aren't in on P5s yet, but I have worked my way up to 9th in the UK Sliding rankings, and should end up about 5th or 6th for January, partly because some of the usual high-volume suspects were at PCA and so on. On OPR, I peaked at #7 on Party before going on a bit of a cold streak there, and briefly #136 on Stars before one of my old results dropped out of the 120 day zone they use. Now around #20 on Party and #200 on Stars. I'm about 87 grillionth on Full Tilt because I'm still in the red on there since Jan 2007, lol. It's funny how Moorman1, the P5s UK guvnor at the moment, is slaughtering the games on FT and losing on Stars, even though when we meet on Party we seem to play a similar style. It could be mostly variance, partly confidence and personally I have a habit of sort of ignoring the FT games when I'm multi-tabling when it comes to reads and so on, just because I don't expect to do very well.
I also came across this which is quite cool, a ranking list that only includes sensible European time zone tournaments :

Internet Poker Rankings (International)

Here's the schedule of tournaments that count : Schedule.

As you can see I'm 31st on there at the moment, the first goal is to get enough points to overtake the people who basically win the Sunday Million and do bugger all else, which is about 400 or so, and then see how we can do on there. This month I might not put in quite so many hours ; I could do with a day off tomorrow for a start, and I'm missing at least one Sunday to go and see Megadeth (kick ass !!). Last year the WSOP double shootouts started in late Feb, I'm planning to play a shitload of those this year, and maybe some $650 supers as well. I'll be cranking up the volume on the Ongame network in preference to FT ; Ongame counts on P5s now, and while a few more shrewdies are filling their boots on the network, there are still plenty of eggs to go round.

Finally I'm playing around with some video capture/hand replayer software with a vague idea of putting a video or two together, just for fun. Stay tuned for that.

I don't do that any more :-)

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