Friday, February 29, 2008


February Wrap

Another good month, especially after being stuck $8K and thinking I would do well to clear anything at all. 2nd place in the Ongame Big Deal for $22K turned it around and I had a few more good runs for $2-3K, any of which could been five figures with the odd flip or two going my way. Final numbers were $25K in, $45K out for $20K profit.

I was also pleased that I played more efficiently this month, putting the same volume in play in 74 hours (15 nights) compared to 96 hours (20 nights) in January. Of course we can't take this too far - I could most efficiently rack up this volume by playing the $5K winner take all on Stars every Sunday ... there's a thought ... well maybe not.

What I Learned This Month

Mainly game selection. I have concluded that the only tournaments worth playing on Pokerstars are the rebuys [1], and the only tournaments worth playing on Full Tilt are the 6-max. By "worth playing" I don't just mean profitable, I mean as profitable as other tournaments that you can play on Party, Ongame, iPoker, even Ladbrokes. I've been cracking on with the nightly $50 rebuy tournaments on the latter three sites, these have a lot of runners (500 on iPoker and Ongame) so it'll take a while to overcome the variance, but indications are that these are full of really bad players. Big fields aren't all bad if you can handle the variance ; there are only a certain number of good tournament players on each site (even Pokerstars) and a larger field will dilute the strength of opposition by ensuring that you don't come up against them all that often. In a couple of videos I have seen lately, the hero has talked a lot about metagame. If you are consistently coming up against the same good players to the extent that you have to make sub-optimal plays in a vacuum for metagame reasons, then you're in the wrong tournaments IMO. I'm happy to have turned a profit in the $100 rebuy on Stars but I'm still giving it the swerve during the week, although that's partly because it starts at 7 and most of the other comps I want to play start at 8. Stars are going to start their WSOP satellites soon (arglglglg) and if the double shootouts kick off at 7.05 again this year, I'll probably start with those and the 100 rebuy again, because those sats are just unmissable value.

Anyway, I'm very happy with $45K in the first two months of the year, and I'll probably be kicking up to around $30K+ in action over the next couple of months, including a couple of bigger comps that I have satted into (lol I know but you wouldn't believe how soft these sats are) : the $1500 on iPoker on Sunday and the Grand ($1000) on Ongame which is 6-handed and I should be playing every month.

PS Oh and I'm 8th on Pocketfives UK, 7th in IPOY and should be very high on OPR for Ongame once I rack up a bit more volume. I doubt that my current ROI of 608% is sustainable, it's not that soft.

[1] With the exception of the Sunday Warmup and similar.

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