Saturday, February 16, 2008


Cooking On Gas

Or, how to have a $30K week and still be disappointed :-). I finished 2nd in the Ongame "Big Deal" on Sunday for $22.5K (and some ranking points lol), that was pretty sweet, also 2nd in a $100 tournament on there for $3K on Thursday. Then yesterday I had a really good run in FTOPS #15, the six-handed NL. I sucked out quite a lot early on (to the point where I was advised to "run better, clown" by another disgruntled loser with AK), flopped a set of Kings against KQ to double up, and had a bunch more chips thrown at me with QQ when someone elected to 4-bet shove on me with 86 (causing him to be 86'd from the tournament haha).

After that I don't think I played especially well but I hung around to the last two tables before losing a 600K flip with AQ v 88 and finishing 11th for $3500. Not to worry, I think I've won my share of flips in those spots over the last year, more than my share probably. I also FT'd on Party for $3K more to add up to a great week. Just one thing about the FTOPS, if anyone wished me gl from the rail and I didn't say anything, sorry, but while I have player chat on most of the time now I always have observer chat off, I don't like to call people retards but honestly the bottom-dwellers on FT who rail these things ... Anyway, onwards and upwards, once these points are counted I should be knocking around the top 5 on IPOY which is something to be getting on with.

Current leader in the REAL internet player of the year standings is EDOG.
He's won most money so he wins LDO. The poxy league standing are for internet nerds only
Fair enough. I'll settle for being the 4th ranked internet nerd.
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