Sunday, January 13, 2008


Sick Laydown

Don't worry Frode, this isn't you laying down Kings in the Warm-up. You can forget about 10% if I catch you doing that again :-). No, this is me in the Party $500 "High Roller" :

I'm not known for my laydowns, especially online, but I was pleased I managed to put this one down and 100% sure I was right. You tell me what he had that I could beat there after small raise pre-flop, check behind AKx flop and small raise turn when he could have gone allin.

Some small consolation after whiffing everything today for -$2000.

Finally had a nights sleep after kicking myself about that laydown for three days. And then discover you’ve outed my laydown. No way I’ll be rested for sunday now...
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