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I only managed to put $16K in play last month, but returned $25K for 9 profit. This was mainly due to a $6K night on Betfair (1st in the small $210 and second in the "Annette Special"), and this result on Party three days later :

As you can see, this is another suckout special :-). I started with QQ > KK and carried on in that vein throughout. Still, it's all allowed. BTW there is a slight problem with this version of the replayer on Party, if a hand looks like there's something missing it's usually that I've reraised allin.

Since I started knuckling down in September I've cleared $40K in four months which is fine, could be better but you can't control the variance and I haven't done anything spectacular on a Sunday so bearing that in mind I think it's OK. Over the next three months I'll still be putting it in online but maybe three nights a week rather than four ; to keep the $ volume up I'll be trying to play every Sunday where possible, which of course will lead to bigger swings, but I can live with that. I certainly have a better idea of the tournaments to play and not to play (cough 100 rebuy) now which should help too.

As for 2007, I don't think it's all that helpful to compartmentalise years and start again from zero. I could go on a $20K downswing at any point, probably more, and that's much easier to deal with if I'm still counting from the start of 2007. Just a psychological trick but I'm sticking with it. For now we can just say that 2007 was a great year, I ran very well in live tournaments considering how few I played, so the other trick is not to expect an automatic repeat.

As for rankings, I have edged up to 11th in the UK on P5s, this is probably improvable by 2 or 3 places before I reach the limit taking volume into consideration. OPR is more of a target now, that result on Party kicked me up to 50th (in the world, or universe if you prefer) on Party, I'm now 62nd but a couple more results could push me quite high in those so that's another incentive. Again, this ranking stuff is just for motivation to keep playing, it's important not to put the cart before the horse here and start chasing points rather than money.

Starting a year from zero is a good psychological trick too! Congrats for profitable year.

After your comments in a previous post about how no-one watched the full hand history,I signed up for free and am enjoying seeing how others play.Awesome for me as a bad/learning player.Nice software aswell.Good luck this year.

On the QQ vs KK hand, was this an instapush or did you consider not moving in? His tiny reraise from the SB looked so much like AA or KK.

Or is this a case where you have to go through with it to avoid getting minbet out of hands in future?
Funny you should say that, I was thinking about this today. The small reraise, especially when an all-in reraise would be reasonable, often means a strong range that doesn't include AK. Unfortunately on Party it's just really hard to fold QQ because people are soooo bad. However, there are spots where you can fold JJ or TT to a small reraise when you would probably call an all-in. If someone makes a small reraise and turns up without AA/KK this is a very important point to add to their notes.

There is a little bit of merit in balancing plays to avoid future exploitation, but not very much in large/weak field tournaments where you're unlikely to run into people again very often, and even if you do half of them don't take notes or won't remember.


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