Wednesday, October 31, 2007


October Round-Up

I've been cracking on this month, playing up to 9 tournaments in an evening (when I do play that is), spinning up the $100 rebuy on Stars a few times, and generally LAGging it up. I was about $1K up on the month until Monday night when I pinged the $50 Rebuy on Stars, finally !

Here's the playback, there are a few interesting hands in this one :

Heads up was fun, for once I really thought I was inside someone's head online. Throughout the final table this guy had been trying to win almost every pot he was in. Once he twigged that I was encouraging him to bluff heads up he switched off ; I then zagged and started playing my hands straightforwardly. Finally I hit QQ, TT and AA three hands in a row and the last hand was sweet, I was so sure he was going to re-shove there. Note also the helpful comments someone posted. I looked this guy up and his yearly profit is $264. I'm sure he meant well though :-).

More of the same is the plan for November, schedule that is, hopefully results too.

Andy - where exactly do you look players up to find their tournament stats, and is it just for Stars or can you do this on for all sites? I have heard of Sharkscope but that is just for sit'n'go's is it not?
I use . You have to take it with a small pinch of salt because it doesn't calculate rebuys exactly (it assigns everyone a buyin of the average number of rebuys in the tournament) or factor in deals, but I mainly use it just to see whether a player is a regular at a particular level or a satellite winner / shot-taker.

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