Wednesday, May 30, 2007


There Is None Higher

Eat this, everyone !

And eat it soon, before they catch me up, the way I've been playing since ...

PS I promise this is not a rickroll.

Nice one. In 2006 it looks like you got a start but finished just outside the money too often (between 20% & 50% ish of field left). Is 2007 form quite a bit down to aggression against those waiting to sneak into the money?

And I took 2nd (but got most of the money for first after a deal) in a 1000+ runner tourney recently, which was aided enormously by bits from this blog (along with two pieces of gruesome luck). Only $2k (wouldn't keep a balla like you going for a day) but I'm chuffed and tx.
Well, I put this up here partly as a brag but partly because I think it's slightly amusing, in that all it really means is that out of the people who have won the Party $300K in the last 4 months, I have the most profit from other tournaments. And that's pretty much all one result, winning that $150.

Even so, I do think my game has moved on this year. Partly just through volume and having more time to think offline (no job yay), and PokerXFactor has helped me as I've mentioned before. If there's one single thing I think I'm playing the turn much better and learning when and how to control the pot size. I suppose that's two things. Anyway.

I'm really pleased to hear that the blog has helped and don't knock $2K, any day I win $2K, believe me, I'm happy.

Hmm, maybe things have changed since you posted. You appear to have dropped to 53rd on Party and if I read you right you were 1st. Damnation.

I was kinda kidding on the balla comment, prolly not all that well. I don't think you blow your nose on hundred dollar bills and I don't think you pretend to either.
That's due to the site. It's a bit funny, it seems to bring up different pages off the same fixed link sometimes. Make sure you select "Party Poker" and "Profit Rankings" and my awesomeness is maintained, for the moment.

Put these words in order to make a well known phrase:



A well-respected player told me to "enjoy it while it's going well".

In fact it's only about 3-1 it was you :-)

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