Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Can I Ship It ?

Yes I can. I've been taking the odd shot at the Stars Warm-Up and the Party $300K of a Sunday and two days ago I took it to the hoop on Party for $60K. Kerching !

Here's the PokerXFactor playback

By the way I'm not going to post here every time I upload something so if you're interested it's probably worth just going to Combined Multi-Hand Histories and searching for 'Bonified' in Posted By every now and then. Can't seem to link that directly for some reason, never mind.

So that was my 9th attempt at the Stars/Party Sunday comps. Easy game :-). Well, the Warm Up and the Party $300K are certainly easier (in variance terms) than the Sunday Million because they have 1500-2000 runners instead of 5000-6000. It was still an 8-hour session which is about double what I can normally manage but I suppose the adrenalin keeps you going when there's a decent wedge in sight. It certainly seemed to go by very quickly.

There's a brief write-up of the final table here, which kind of implies that I flopped a bunch of straights on everyone, which I did, but after the money was allin pre-flop and I had the better hand :-). Anyway that was a very nicely timed result to give me a bit of a cushion before the WSOP. Now I can (and probably will) do $20-30K taking a big shot without any qualms.

Cracking effort and well deserved. I've been reading your blog for a while now and it is a different class to anything else online. As a O8b cash player who fancies a go at the mainstream Holdem tournies your advice has really helped. As for uploading your tournaments even better! I'm still trying to to work through your Party $150 win, if you keep winning I will never catch up. Good luck in Vegas.
Nice win. Congrats.
Well done in handing it to Gammon. He no doubt thinks it was "rigged".
Excellent, well played.
Whatever happened to getting it quietly?

Some of us are doing our bollocks here for fucks sake.
Yeah, well, er, that's the other blog ...

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