Saturday, May 19, 2007


Calling In The Dark

Finally managed to cash in a $50 Rebuy on Stars last night, 7th for $1800 odd. Here's a particularly sick call I made which tells you a lot about what goes on in these tournaments. Bear in mind that the big blind was sitting out :-). My opponent was one of the better players and definitely capable of a steal re-shove so I thought to hell with it, I must be 50% against his range. In fact I was 53% against his actual hand and Stars served up some rare justice on the river as you can see. The guy even said "sick call" in the chat, I took this as a compliment and said "ty :-)". I think it was a compliment. Remember, sick is good. Solid is bad.

As for the title, that's because I was playing by the light of two candles. One of my new energy-saving light bulbs blew the fuse (that's my reward for trying to be green) and so instead of getting a new fuse I went for the balla option of a new fusebox. Installation still pending. Given this rare $50 rebuy cash I was wondering if playing by candlelight was lucky, until I was coolered into 7th place after entering the final second in chips. Ho hum. At least that didn't happen last weekend.

Oh the power of the Ace but no match for the mighty 65 as this hand clearly shows. Understand this and you will be truly wise.

Lol good luck in Vegas you will need it.
Solid sick is generally better than liquid sick. Less likely to strain a muscle.
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