Monday, April 23, 2007


Surprise Package

Is there anything more exciting than receiving a completely unexpected package in the mail ? Yes. Nonetheless, receiving a surprise package is also quite exciting. So I tear it open like a five year old on Christmas morning and, to my further surprise, it's some kind of trophy from Party Poker, presumably for winning that $150 a couple of weeks ago. I don't have the technology to put a pic up, but it's alright, a sort of chunky glass oval thing with " Tournament Champion" engraved inside it. And three Aces on the top. That's the bit I can't figure. Two Aces, obviously. Four Aces, that would make sense too. Why three, it's beyond me. Anyway, isn't that nice. Thank you Party Poker (there's something you thought you'd never read).

Elsewhere, I'm still banging my head against the wall on Stars but I had a decent run in a small 6-hander on Full Tilt :

$69 6-handed, yesterday

A few notes and points of interest :

22 - No point slow-playing this when the second Ace comes off. If he hasn't got an Ace, I'm not winning much whatever I do. If he has, he's not going away, and I don't want to slow-play and find that he was slow-playing AK back. He had A9.

52 - I think I like my bet on the turn. It's kind of a block. Maybe it only worked because he had 99, it might just be throwing chips away when he has a Jack.

105 - What a terrible call. If you're just patient in these, and take flops with hands like AK instead of reraising, sometimes they'll just throw their chips at you.

134 - Variance : villain had a gold "FTOPS" avatar. LOL donkaments.

171, 179, 184 - this guy was killing me. I still have no idea what he was doing. Mostly, I suspect, nor did he.

197 - Does anyone bet the turn ?

214 - 6 high is the nuts. See also WPT Tunica.

225 - 3-bettor is getting almost 5-2 to call this. I was surprised he folded. I wouldn't necessarily 4-bet with AK (even 6-handed) but most people do so I can't see what he can have to 3-bet and then fold there. He had no tournaments at all in the database so might have been very inexperienced.

257 - Dammit. By this time I was one-tabling here so just by feel I was pretty confident he was going to shove over the top. After this I think he takes pity on me by giving me a few walks :-)

275 - This shove is thin but good. Bear in mind I've just been moved to a new table. I was expecting to get called by AT/77 (in which case it's clearly +EV) and someone found ATs. GG, next. If I had been called by KQ or KJ then I would have had to question my assumption for calling ranges.

Finally a couple of snippets from the WPT Championship (via Pokerpages) :

"The buzz going around the room is about Ted Forrest. Though I did not witness it, here is what I heard from the WPT staff that spoke with Ted after the hand: on the second hand of the day, Ted picked up pocket aces and raised. He got called from a player who had pocket queens. The flop came out K-J-x and the other player bet 3K but mistakenly put three 10K chips out there instead, thereby betting 30K. Ted correctly read that he had made a mistake and moved all-in. The other player reluctantly made the call for the rest of his chips. A queen came on the river, doubling up the other player and knocking Ted Forrest out of the tournament!"

I swear, every time. Every time some egg fucks up the action, an innocent party suffers.

2:31 - "I wonder if any tournaments will ever take the step to ban headphones and Ipods? There must be about 30% of the players here using these, and it is all too common to see someone take their headphones off and ask, "What's the bet?" or "Is it on me?" or "What just happened?". Furthermore, they often miss tournament announcements. Will it ever come to being banned? Does a player's need to focus outweigh the lack of consideration to the table?"

7:32 - "Mike Matusow is sitting in seat 4 of table 50, which is in one corner of the Fontana Room. The opposite corner would be table 58, seat 9. While standing next to table 58, seat 9, I can clearly hear Mike Matusow's comments. Ergo, everyone in this room can hear him too. The nickname is well-deserved."

Answered your own question mate. I'll stop wearing headphones when people like Matusow shut the hell up. If you have a bug up your arse about consideration to the table (or indeed the entire room), talk to Matusow first.

My mate 'Immorttall' also received an oval glass trophy for winning the big sunday tournament at PP, and he lives in Moscow !
He says that it's great for keeping the door ajar.
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