Monday, March 19, 2007


Mansion Crash

Mansion cancelled their $100K Guarantee tournament this morning after about 10 minutes. There were 350 runners (for $100 each). The Mansion rules are as follows :

"In the event of a server crash all current hands being played are cancelled and players at the tables will have their chip stacks returned to the balance they had at the start of the hand. The tournament will restart once the server is back up. If a tournament fails to complete and is subsequently cancelled, MANSION will use a set formula to determine how much each of the active players receives. This formula is tried and tested and is the fairest method of paying out incomplete tournaments for all players. Firstly, the remaining prize pool is split in half. This prize pool is composed of all buy ins, any re-buys and add-ons which have been made, and any added value which MANSION added to the tournament. Any winnings which have already been paid to players who have gone out are then subtracted. Half of this prize pool is split equally amongst all of the players who were still in the tournament when it failed to complete. The remaining half is paid out to all players who were still in the tournament dependant upon the percentage of chips that each player had when the tournament stopped running. All players remaining in the tournament will also receive a refund of their tournament fee. We advise players to allow 2 working days for funds to appear in their account in the event of a tournament cancellation. This rule applies to both single table and multi table tournaments. "

So I'm expecting $300 (plus a little bit extra as I had increased my chips to 3000) to be credited within "2 working days". If it isn't, there'll be trouble !

Update : I just spoke to Mansion support and they explained that they had refunded my $100 (which they have) and that I could have two free entries into $100K tournaments taking place between now and Sunday. I suggest that anyone else who entered talk to them direct to confirm this. Their representative was OK with me reporting this online. I did tell him that from a PR point of view I thought they would be better off just sticking to their T+Cs next time, and he acknowledged that other people had made this point. This is OK for me because I was going to play more of the tournaments anyway. I'm not sure if it's entirely fair to anyone who just entered as a one-off.

this morning?!!!

How long have they had two 100k tourneys a day? Not complaining or anything, just thinking ...

MansionMan1: "Our software is terrible, we will never get anywhere near 1000 players needed for our guarantee"
MansionMan2: "Should we add another tournament?"

They have switched to 11am Monday, Wednesday and Friday, presumably trying to attract the Asian market. It will be interesting to see what they do with this. Anything less than distributing $100K according to their rules would be a huge mistake IMO, from a PR point of view.

thanks for the heads-up on the juicy Mansion overlay. Spun up this morning and flopped second set for a worst-ever last-place finish. Woohoo! gg.

ps...for the two hands I was there it was like playing poker on a zx81. Are they serious about this business or is it money-laundering front?
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