Thursday, March 15, 2007


LOL Donkaments

That's the normally unflappable Phil Ivey on realising that Jennifer Tilly has just checked the turn with trip Jacks and checked the river with a full house, in position heads up against Patrik Antonius. You can see the whole hand here, Tuesday: Segment 2 is the one you're looking for, the hand begins with 2:20 remaining in this clip.

I like Jennifer Tilly so it's a bit sad to see her playing so gruesomely, but what really makes this is the players' reactions. Although Harman probably doesn't have the right to be pulling faces after checking the second nuts on the end last to speak against Eli Elezra on a recent HSP.

Then, if that wasn't bad enough, check out this genius. Bay 101: Ed Pellegrini. But he finished 158th in the Main Event 2005, so what do I know. I'll tell you what I know. I should be playing these events. So it's time to grind it up on the net and build up a few $$$ to take some shots with.

inaugural UK Blogger/reader tourney

Sunday March 25th at 8pm GMT

tourney/private section Pokerstars.

password : donkament

No Limit holdem $5.50 buy in

regards ( lurker )

I see what you mean...the look on more than one face was priceless...but I looked at it several times...and I suspect that Jennifer had some major anxiety going on(maybe what we call a panic attack) it again and watch her breathing...I would have to say that should have been a tell in itself...Great catch on the funny though~!!
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