Thursday, February 01, 2007


Just When You Think You've Seen It All

So I'm playing this added money fest on Mansion, and it's passed to me on the button with K7s. I move in (obv). The small blind moves in (doh) and then so does the big blind (doh d-d-doh doh). They both have Aces. Now that's timing.

Who won the hand ? Come on, was it ever in doubt ??

PS I will delete any hand stories posted below that aren't as good as that, so watch out.

let me guess.
You had clubs, flop was two clubs, turn was a king, and in that point there were too many outs to miss: ding club on river.

Hehe. Were you one of the Aces ?

My forte in those tourneys is to sign up in advance and then being busy elsewhere (polite dicussions with police about the taxpayments of my car for example) and to not play a single hand.

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