Friday, January 19, 2007


Main Event Preparation

So now I'm thinking about how to approach this main event. The structure is interesting, 20K chips, 90 minute rounds but it starts at 50-100. This would be exactly the same as 10K and starting 25-50, except that the antes still kick in at the 100-200 level, which in this case is level 3. So there are only 3 hours of play without antes. My fag-packet calculations indicate that the average stack is going to hover around M10-12 for some considerable time.

It's a good job I brought Kill Phil with me because it's possible that I may need to revert to some version of that. It really depends on the line-up. Last night's $500 was noticeably tougher, clearly the field was filled out with people who had arrived for the main event and so didn't need to play the super. If I find myself at a table without many, or even any, weak spots and good players to my left I can't really afford to play as I have been on this trip so far. Now it's a real possibility that late position raises will be met with semi- or even complete bluff reraises. So I should whack my all-in threshold back up to 8 or even around the 10 level, varying according to my actual hand. And I can think more about the steal reraise myself.

The endurance factor comes into play as well. It's difficult to play for 2 days at full intensity if you're not used to it, never mind 5. It's good to have some kind of basic fallback strategy for periods where I want to lie low. Tonight there's another $500 and I think it would be a good idea to play it in the same KP-like style that I may have to employ at times in the main event. Then tomorrow I can have a full day off before kick-off Sunday noon, 6pm GMT.

Hey Bungalow Andy,

What did you kill?

How many phils died for your chipstack??

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