Saturday, January 20, 2007


I Can't Believe That Worked

Well, it didn't work to the extent of winning me any money, but it was remarkably effective. I thought if I was going to play Kill Phil, I would go for it and play it more or less to the letter, at least while the blinds were small. If you pick up AA or KK in the early levels, your choices under KP are move in (which is overdoing it a bit) or raise to about 1/6 of your stack to deny everyone implied odds. Early on, blinds 25-25 and I have around my 3K starting stack, there's one limper and I find AA. Alright then, 525 to go. I did feel a bit foolish doing that. Until the button shoved for 2K with what turned out to be AK. Which is at least understandable to some extent.

An hour later, and in the meantime I've done absolutely nothing else apart from limp and fold a couple of times. 50-100 and I find the bullets again under the gun. 800 to go. Now bear in mind that all the protagonists here have seen the previous hand, which is effectively the only hand I played. Geezer agonises and passes very reluctantly. Another geezer calls. And a woman moves in on the button. I move in over the top, calling geezer flaps his jaw a bit about what a big laydown he's making (with Jacks), folds, and it turns out the woman was going for a squeeze raise with 77. So I rake that one in as well. As she's leaving the woman says "well I know my chips are safe there". I assumed she was going to say something about me only playing Aces but instead she said "you're the only one at this table who plays worth a damn". I was rather nonplussed by this but she seemed sincere so I said "Er, thank you". But no, I wasn't in there, in case you're wondering.

Go figure on that action. I'm not saying I'm going to chuck in 3000 on Sunday if I find Aces in the first level, but it's something to think about. Not much happened after that, I was able to keep my stack around 7K until I won a coin flip 99 v AQ to move up to 10K. At that point I thought "I've been running pretty good on coin flips lately". Naturally within 10 minutes AQ lost to JJ and T7 lost to 22 for the scratch. What can you do. A book on how to win coin flips, how much would that be worth ?

I hope the coin keeps landing on your side in the main event.

Best of British and all that.
Perhaps you could make that book a little bit larger by adding a bit on "How to get Aces at the right time" (or, in my case, at any time).

I can think of a few names in the past, no longer with us, who spent several months winning every coin flip known to man (and not a few dice-rolls when it came to eight-outers) as well as picking up pocket rockets with monotonous regularity.

Then it stopped and we don't see them around so much any more...

GL Sunday mate. It's just another tourney, with deeper stacks and longer blind levels.

I recommend an hour in the gym at the end of every day. Helps you wind down and sleep.

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