Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Warming Up

Popped into the Vic last night for a pre-trip warm-up. With 17 players for £100 each it was basically a two-table Sit and Go. I finished 6th (3 paid) but I think it was a worthwhile exercise. I was deliberately trying to play more aggressively, make position raises and follow them up with continuation bets. Twice early on I was raised on the flop and had to swallow, fairly sure I was up against top pair. Although given that I had the square root of fuck all and the raises were all in it didn't really matter what they had :-). That took me down to 1800 (from 3K start) but I doubled back up on a 60/40.

After that it went well, I worked it up to 7K without having to show a hand, and without picking up or hitting anything big. I know this kind of play can work well until the bomb drops, but there weren't any situations where I could have lost more than a pre-flop raise and a flop bet. Unfortunately then I had a bit of brain freeze and called too quickly with QJ on a flop of Q32 to be shown 22. If I had thought some more I would still have called, but it's the procedure that counts. Then I busted when I moved in on the button (with QT) short-stacked and as I turned to my left the SB's chips were already in the pot (with AQ). If I had had a look first I might have saved myself.

Not to worry though, I think the aggressive play was a help and I'll try it some more. I have fallen into a habit of not continuation betting when I miss online, I still think that's right because they will call you with all sorts and there's no problem getting paid off with top pair. Live though, it's worth trying some more moves. Anyway I had a drink with Dr Channing and JQ afterwards and, according to Neil's sound advice, I think it is probably worth easing off online for a few days before I leave, just to be fresh when I start out in the US.

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