Saturday, December 16, 2006


Sitting And Going

I think it's a good time for me to take a road trip ; I've had almost five months on the grind and it's been a success so far definitely, comfortably averaging $5K a month. I have managed to play through a couple of $1500 downswings on Full Tilt SNGs this month, and have come out the other side nicely with a good run this week. 27% rakeback no messing straight in your account helps too. Some of the plays people make are just stomach-churningly bad.

I have two or three players noted as starting to call me down a bit thin ; these are invariably high-volume, winning players although it's nice to note that their ROIs aren't as good as mine so far. When I say "a bit thin" though, it's not like they're calling me with anything ; just stuff like KQ/A7 four handed when you don't usually see someone call with that sort of thing on the bubble. This morning though I was called down so bizarrely that my possible explanations are 60% a total fucking idiot and 40% wrong button. The geezer called me with 54 off from the small blind. Without going into details, just let me assure you that there were no possible mitigating factors for making even a slightly loose call. I hadn't even been raising all that much ;-). It's always nice to know that there are some complete goons out there, or at least people pressing the wrong button.

I'm not sure if I have enough data gathered to back up my suspicion that the games are better value in the morning than the evening. In the evening I seem to find more players tossing around with limps and minimum raises. Almost without exception, when you look these guys up they're solid losers, but it interferes with what I'm trying to do in various annoying ways. Not least because when I find a big pair, it makes it much more difficult to get on. People behind me have to worry about the limper and why I have raised the limper, instead of "oh this guy's raised AGAIN Ace Ten I call". Any thoughts on this from people who have logged a few hours are welcome.

In any case once I'm on the road I may start playing a couple of $200s a day just to keep my eye in, but it will mainly be live MTTs and I'm looking forward to it.

Hi Andy,

Glad to hear about your success, 5k per month (either dollars or sterling) was far above your initial target I believe so you must be pretty pleased?

Thanks for keeping this blog going and have a good trip!

It is 5K dollars / month and while I didn't set an explicit target, that's more or less what I was hoping for. Now I'm playing a bit higher and making good rakeback I'm fairly confident I can pull in about $7K/month without busting a gut.

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