Saturday, October 14, 2006


I Wish I Had Said That

... but don't worry, I will [1]. Best blog post title on the new legislation comes from Wintermute, with "So Long And Thanks For All The Fish". I really should have thought of that. Party have run for the hills like the big chickens they are and suddenly the morning Sit and Goes have a distinct desert/tumbleweed ambience about them. This is probably going to affect me in that it just isn't going to be worth playing in the morning, and I'll have to shift my hours. Which is OK, I really should be digging in to the evening tournaments anyway. I have finally lost patience with my laptop and a whizzy new desktop will arrive next week so I can hopefully multi-table properly. I'd better be able to, I won't be happy if £600 later it turns out to be my internet connection. It shouldn't be though as I have had exactly the same symptoms on both Telewest and BT.

[1] Which is itself a Wilde quote. I have nothing to declare but my plagiarism.

Actually, the exchange goes something like:

Oscar Wilde: "I wish I had said that." Whistler: "You will, Oscar; you will."

Plagiarism, but not the plagiarism that you thought...
I know how this is going to sound, and I've always ridiculed the notion myself, but...

I wonder if there might be something, well, a bit weird with the deal at Party at the moment. Let me explain: this morning I checked my email and found that Party had credited my account with $50 dollars. I'd transfered my roll from there to Pacific a while ago and not been back for some time.

I sat down on some of their newly opened micro-stakes tables and proceed to grind this unexpected bonus up a bit. Well, in a few hours today I seem to have seen more great hands dealt today than on any other day I've played - both for myself and for other players - and I have played about every other day for the last few years.

I've had pocket pairs coming out of my ears all day on every table - queens 3x in a row following AA and AK, aces twice in a row, and a royal flush all on the same table. I've seen AA vs AA several times, another guy with jacks a couple of times in a row, AK multiple successive times, just on and on all day.

Anyone else notice anything funny? I think I'll have to check my pokertracker database to get quantitative ideal of how anomalous a run of cards I've seen today, but if I didn't know any better I might start putting together all sorts of conspiracy theories.

*I won the first hand, lost the second two. I'm well up for the day though so my paranoia hasn't been caused by doing my bollocks ;-)
I thought that the Bad Beat Jackpot kept going for a mysteriously long time before the end for the US players, and subsequent to Party's return.

It was at $750K-ish (and rising)when I looked on Saturday morning.
This gets even weirder.

The crazy run of cards continued. I've only played about an hour today, AA QQ AK numerous etc like yesterday, then another royal flush!

Is this some sort of anti-rig? It's easy enough to imagine patterns in totally random events or structures, but I wonder if any statisticians can tell me how often you'd expect to get two royal flushes in around 1,400 hands bearing in mind I only played 300 of them?

Tell me I'm dreaming or deluded!

You are deluded.

Have you had a sharp bang to the head or something recently??
Yep Simon I think you're probably right.

I was having visions of a desperate Party board meeting following the sudden loss of the majority of their income, "Why don't we give 'em all $50 free, and some top hands for a few days, that'll bring those Europeans flocking to the tables'...

I'll go and take my medicine now.
I only got $15!!!! What's wrong with me??? (500 words or less...)

Still, I did have a similar day, spun it up good and hard and then came back today with a decent free stack. I had dreams of writing a "I flew upper class for $15" post somewhere and then I walked into AK with AA and was dead on the flop!
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