Thursday, September 21, 2006


Breakneck Live Tournament Action

Time for an exhaustive debriefing session on yesterday's £300 Freezeout in the Vic. Actually no, let's not, let's fast forward through the boring bits. I wanked off half my chips, then trebled up with QQ (vs KJ and KT nhs sirs esp the KT overcall). Then I doubled up with AQ v A7 in the blinds.

At this point I played the one moderately interesting hand of the evening, but even that isn't interesting enough to detail, as I think I had a clear call, although some might have agonised over it. In the event Tim Flan-diddly-anders was all in on the flop with his 15-way draw against my second pair [1], and he made it. I floated around 5K for about an hour, finally with blinds 300-600/50 moved in with A4, one caller, thought "at least I have 3 outs" and then he turned over AA. The End. Thrill an hour stuff I'm sure you'll agree.

All in all it wasn't too tortuous ; the players weren't as slow or as annoying as I was expecting. I only got into one argument through trying to make people put their antes in quicker, and smoothed it over fairly easily. I suppose I could manage one of these a month, with careful game selection.

[1] He reckoned after the hand he was a 64% favourite. YBA, try 55%. Good job his wife is getting the cake that's all I can say :-)

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