Thursday, August 10, 2006


A Moderately Amusing Razz Hand

I was playing a $100 HORSE single table on Full Tilt this morning when I observed the following razz hand. Hero, with (??)KQKK has called a bet on every street (god bless him). Villain with something like (??)2523 bets the river, and hero reluctantly gives it up. Villain promptly shows (23)2523(5), which I thought until about 5 seconds ago was a full house.

But it isn't, it's, erm, 2s and 3s with a 5. All the same, if the hero had two separate non-K-or-Q cards in the hole, he passed the best hand. I will draw the line at calling this amusing, and not heap too much scorn on the hero given how I misread it myself at the time !

At the WSOP there were a few hands that went down like that. One beauty was what I thought was going to be my meal ticket into the money. I had (A3)54K2 and had 2 customers, one had (??)66TJ [a draw to a ten or worse]and the other had half a hand with (??)97Q5 [probably a made 9 and a draw to a 7] and we somehow managed to go for 3 bets on 6th and 7th....

On at least 2 other occasions someone called on the end and couldn't beat the board of their opponent.

As for the horse on full tilt, obviously some can play all games, but I get the impression that there are usually 2 or 3 players that are playing horse with the intention of folding just about everything in the razz round. With razz being the 3rd game, it usually comes around on the 2nd orbit at the perfect time to nick significant chips at the business end of it...

PS - what happened to my poker tracker url?? :)
I find in the HORSE games it's much better to make your short-stack move in the stud games. Not only is it a better deal with the antes, a lot of players play more hands in the HE and O8 rounds and are more likely to call you down.

The Poker Tracker problem was with Full Tilt if I remember ? I made it work by going to Options/Hand History and filling that in.

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