Saturday, July 01, 2006


Can't Complain About The Structure ...

... or can you ? Today's tournament at the Orleans started you off with 50 big blinds and an hour clock. With a noon start, the antes didn't kick in until 9-15 pm. Play goes through till 3 am if necessary and starts again at 3pm tomorrow.

Not for me though, as I found no hands and few situations. Down to half my starting chips, I ended up all in with A7 v KK in a blind-on-blind coup. In fact he played it in the single way that gave me a chance to escape (limp-min reraise) but I wasn't quite sharp enough to take it. At least it didn't take all day which, with 450+ runners, it will for many.

There is such a thing as a structure that's too slow in my opinion, and this may have been it. 16-18 hours of play for a $200 tournament ? It's not going to add up to much of an hourly rate. I wonder if they were responding to "player pressure". You can't please everybody - within five minutes one woman complained "you only get 1000 chips" and "we have to play till 3 am ?". Which goes to show there are some people you can't please any of the time :-).

At least there's a good old crapshoot tonight. 20 minute levels that's the ticket. I think I should have at least as good an expectation in that, and it only takes a third as long. In fact, the antes start in the 7 pm tournament before they do in the 12 noon ! Should suit me better. All yin !

In light of your new status, I suggest changing the titke of this blog to -

From The Car Park
See you tomorrow, Andy! Can't wait to meet up again.

Sixteen hours of O8 folding should be just my style (Tuesday's event).

No, I had nothing to do with the structure. In fact, one TD said, "I expected to see you in here next when hell froze over!"

But I'll take it, I'll take it.
Hi Felicia,

I'm unlikely to play the O8 tomorrow but I'll make sure I pop in to say hello.

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