Sunday, June 25, 2006


Vegas Baby, Yeah !

My flight out is on the 30th (rather carelessly scheduled on World Cup QF day, although not England's game if they make it) but I'll probably be off-line from tomorrow till I arrive.

Now of course I can stay for the duration, up to 90 days in theory. I wonder if I should tell customs that I've retired ? Probably best to follow the usual plan, name rank serial number and speak only when spoken to. I can see myself playing a few tournaments at the Orleans for the first couple of weeks, along with single tables at the Rio. I won't be playing the insane 2000 runner NL events. I'm tempted by the 7 card Hi Lo if I'm still there by then, but that's about it. In fact I'm likely to play relatively few NL tournaments ; I'm moving away from them online and I'd rather have more freedom as to coming and going.

Personally I simply have to accept that when Mike Paulle, for example, says "The World Series is all about Aaron Kanter and Tiffany Williamson", he's right, whether I like it or not. This is what it has become. A crazy mixture of lottery, reality TV and poker. If I just chill out, play what and when it suits me, and smile to myself when the hype picks up, thinking back to "Fooled By Randomness" (which I reread yesterday in a timely fashion) ; I can have a good time. And if and when I don't, I can come back. Everyone's a winner !

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