Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Last Call For T-shirts

The Get It Quietly Range

Well, last chance before Vegas. Come on, how could you possibly sit opposite Phil Ivey without wearing a "Different Gravy" T-shirt ? Or TJ Cloutier without offering him your "Don't Worry, I'll Get Out Of It On The Dice" for $100 ? Do it now. The shirts are sent out from Germany and they take a few days to arrive at the best of times ; right now I believe they have some kind of association football tournament starting soon, so best to book early. If you'd like a particular design or text in a different colour, style or shirt then just Email me and I can sort it in an instant.

Finally a quick word about my motivation here ; I think these are funny, and I'd get a kick out of seeing other people wearing my ideas on their shirt. That's it. I'm not out to be a billionaire T-shirt mogul. I read an article the other day where the guy said "I feel that I’m slowly but surely shifting from being a pure professional poker player to more of a poker business man.", as if that was a step upwards. Each to their own, but that's not what I'm trying to do, here or anywhere else.

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