Saturday, June 24, 2006


Half-Yearly Report

I'll come on to Vegas in the next post ; for now let's just see where we are on the year to date.

Sit and Goes : + $6,800. Mostly in Jan/Feb when I ended up playing too many and burning out on them.

Standard MTTs : - $1,800. Not running very good this year ; then again, this leads me to think that I was running good last year, especially on Betfair. I'll talk about my game selection in an upcoming post too.

Speed MTTs : + $5,700. Yee ha ! Who would have thought you could make decent money just by clicking "Fold" and "Allin". I think I've probably been running hot here, but maybe not that much ; these are definitely an earner.

WSOP Spunkage : - $950. I was happy enough to spin $1000 provided there was a decent overlay. I didn't even come close to winning a seat though.

Overall : + $9,750. That's acceptable in my spare time. Now I'm off work, if I can play more of the better games in the second half of the year, another $15,000 is a reasonable target, although of course it depends what happens in Vegas.

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