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Check Terms And Conditions Before Purchase

Watching the main event last year is giving me WSOP fever ! Well kind of. Who's cool and who's not, so far :

Cool : Darden and Juanda, barely lifting an eyebrow between them when Juanda spikes a two-outer on the river in a huge pot. That's how you do it. And Schoenfeld, for having the balls to admit that he's 0 for 24, -$100K in WSOP events. God only knows how many of the rest of them have similar records.

Uncool (not surprisingly a much longer list) : Moneymaker standing on a chair calling out for cards when he's all in ; Varkonyi standing behind his wife for three days straight (maybe it's true love and I'm just cynical) ; some geezer crying when he lost with the second nuts, blubbing "I've player perfect poker for three days and now this" ; and Matusow [on Raymer] "we're friends now and I respect him a lot". Lies make Baby Jesus cry Mike.

Coming soon to a mental hospital near you : Hellmuth.

And finally, would have been taken out the back for a sound kicking in the good old days : Paskin.

What larks there will be this year, no doubt. If you're going with the intention of playing some warm-up events, check the structures. Have a look at $1000 no rebuys if you're tempted by that one. 1000 chips, 25-25 to start, one hour levels. Hmm. I hate to use the C-word, but let me put it this way - don't whinge about it after you get there or, worse still, after you've been knocked out. Find out what you're buying into, then like it or lump it. Personally if I play any warm-up events myself I am more tempted by the limit Stud or Stud 8. A much better chance of a final or a bracelet, and you're guaranteed a few hours play whatever.

Funnily enough I was also looking at the schedule and my number 1 pick would be the Razz tournament.

That's with my own money of course, if I win a seat (and I am having a couple of attempts this year compared with zero in previous, it must be fever)then I guess it may as well be the main event! Or the HORSE - that's got to be some tournament!

The rebuy holdem events at the lower buyins look ridiculous. By all accounts, if you draw a table with a couple of "name" players, the first hand you play you will be put all in with, up to you how many times you put up with that...
Hi Andy,

Considering buying one of your quality T-shirts mate. Do you give discounts to fellow enfieldians?

;) Alex
I would if I could Alex, but it costs them the same to send it to me as to you !

While getting you’re chips in with the best of it is good in a rebuy comp in Luton or the Sportsman, it’s somehow bad if you are playing a lunatic who has taken the form of Daniel Negreanu for a day. Strange stuff.

And here I was talking to a person who was sceptical to the whole rebuy event because he might NOT get on a table with one of the sponsored different class big name superstars. What a tosser.
That's really not that far away from making sense. I think you are saying that the writer, andy ward, is occasionally inconsistent but I'm not absolutely certain that that's what you mean. I realise that English may not be your (sic) first language but could you just run it by us one more time? Thanks.
I'm glad that I wasn't the only one who was somewhat at a loss to the point actually being made.

Ok then.

The comment wasn't directed at Andy. He didn't mention the rebuy comp at all.

Simon did, and I thought it was a remark refering to how Negreanu and others play these tournaments by moving allin in just about every hand.

Apparently, assuming this phenomenon was known to everybody, was a mistake.

I do this all the time. My wife loves it. I can be quiet for twenty minutes thinking about a particular topic, and then make some sort of remark that cocludes my internal discussion, and she'll have absolutely no clue what I am talking about.

The point I was trying to make was that a lot of your overlay in a rebuy tournaments comes from your opponents bad play. If your opponent makes all kinds of moronic moves (let's say he goes allin before the flop 50 times in a two hour rebuy period) you will have more opportunities to make decisions with a positive ev (like calling for your entire stack with tens or AQ).

Now this sort of poker is not very skillful, but your expectation, if you should be lucky enough to have Daniel at your table, is propably much higher (percentage wise) in a tournament like this than in any of the other wsop events.

Should you not draw a table with a player like Daniel on it, you will be fighting an uphill battle.
hi andy,
i played a 1000 event last year & like you was initially horrified at the puny stack.
but, hold on a minute,
25-25 ain't too bad with a one hour clock, i mean that's 40 BB's, opening raise 75, a re-raise 225, there's more play in them thare hills than meets the eye.
hey, i think i even made level 4!
I made the comment "Up to you how many times you put up with that."

I would rather draw Negreanu and take my chance than 9 nits that won't give me enough opportunity to go deep.

Of course I am going to call with AQ against a serial all-in merchant, who may well turn over 75 or something, although +EV it is still far from home and dry, whereas it would be an easy fold in other tournaments. I accept the +EV, but I don't have deep enough pockets to put up with it for very long if unnsuccessful. After a couple or three rebuys, I am done. Up to you how long you put up with it.

I have no problems making those 3 rebuys in 5 minutes flat if the situation arises (although admittely part of me would want a few hours+ extra experience if possible) - but plenty of players are going to see AQ lose to 75 three times in 5 minutes and come to the quick conclusion that that's enough.
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