Monday, March 27, 2006


Payback Time

There's a lot of free info on this blog. More than one person has asked me not to blab all the secrets, but I said no, information wants to be free !

Well nearly free. If you're playing seriously online, you have to have some kind of rakeback deal. If you're eligible (usually in that you don't already have an account with whichever cardroom you're signing up to), check out the new rakeback link now in the banner above. If you sign up through the link on this site and use the referral code "SECRETS" in an email to the rakeback site, then some of the juice should find its way back to me.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
I don't like to delete comments but it kind of defeats the object if people are going to post competing offers.

Have you banned the IP? Locked the Post?

As it still leaves the date/time stamp audit trail back to masterp, you would think he would have the nous to update his profile so that when everyone clicks on it they can see his referral code. particularly if it is 1 or 2% betetr than yours.
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