Sunday, March 19, 2006


Off And Running

I was relieved (probably too relieved) to finish 3rd on Stars this morning for $1000. I can never quite seem to close the deal on Stars. Still, I've thought that elsewhere, and it has always come in the end.

I don't have an actual date when I'm leaving work yet, I'll probably find out tomorrow. Could be anything from a week to two months, although hopefully I'll be out by Easter. Until then I'm laying the groundwork and thinking about the game selection. Variety is very important. I don't think online cash, or heads up, games are for me, so it will be a mix of tournaments and sit and goes. PLO8 is a good MTT game (better than in the STT form I think), and Party have some limit Sit and Goes that make a nice change (especially the split games). One thing I have to try to stop doing generally is "drawing a line" and saying, right, I'm going to track how I do in this game starting now. It's a great way to convince myself that I'm losing. Obviously it will be hard not to do this when I quit work ! I will have to pretend that I started in the New Year, and so am $6000 up. I also have to work around the mindset of maximising hourly rate ; $10 an hour extra is no good if it's so stressful that I can only play half the hours. That means cutting down on the Turbo Sit and Goes, and probably 3-tabling instead of 4 at least for a while.

Live action is almost certain to be cash rather than tournament. The freedom to come and go and the challenge of learning a new game are big plus points. I'm unlikely to be following this path at Gutshot though ; 5% rake capped at £10 in a £50 max buyin game and the dealer's working for tips - you do the math as they say in the US.

"I don't think online cash, or heads up, games are for me, so it will be a mix of tournaments and sit and goes."

Why do you think that the basic cashgames aren't for you? Maximasing hourly rate without even looking NL and limit HE ring games sounds strange for me. I know that you have done good work hunting +EV tournamens across the web, try to at least skim through the available cash games with same type of attitude.

Of course the most important thing is that you enjoy playing, so dont push yourself too hard to wrong direction. Though slight pushing is good as the BDD's journey to NLHE shows.

Hi andy,

Iv played a lot at Gutshot and a bit at Luton and the difference is remarkable.

Taking into account travel costs
(petrol, tube, congestion charge,
parking etc), food and drink and rake....Luton is a far better bet for your live cash games m8.

If you will be playing regularly, the money saved on these basics probably outweighs the fact that the players at Gutshot are a fair bit looser.

As for tinternet, i have to agree with aksu, if you have a decent bankroll and time on your hands play online cash. A player of your experiance should be able to earn a fortune drunkrolling the eurpoean sites. Unethical i know but its a dog eat dog world.

good luck
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