Friday, March 31, 2006


Meanwhile In The Real World

I have had a fairly quiet month. I haven't been playing in the evenings after work, and I've usually had at least one day off per (three day) weekend so I haven't really put the hours in. Still managed to clear a smidgeon under $1000, thanks mainly to that tournament 3rd place for, er, a smidgeon over $1000. I was hoping for a blockbuster finish to the month having spent 3 hours working up to 50K in the $10 rebuy on Stars today, but lost it in 30 seconds. This is the life we chose. I can see why the idler cognoscenti favour this tournament though, some shocking players and a lot of chips/time to make it count.

The Turbo Sit and Goes ground to a halt after what was in statistical fact only a brief spell of treading water, but I did find it very frustrating. No wonder that guy who was playing 100 in a day ended up in his sickbed. It sounds like when Homer went to Hell. "So, you like Sit and Goes do you ? Well play all the Sit and Goes in the world ! Bwahahahaha !"

Who's to know what's good or bad though, as the Buddhists say, and on trying some of the 10 minute level games on Stars/Pokerroom and the limit games on Party (when available), these feel a lot better. You have much more scope for punishing the players who only have one gear (whatever it is). Hourly rate can easily be sacrificed if the stress levels are reduced.

The funny thing is that $1000 a month is, or will be, enough, believe it or not. It feels strange to say that after spending an hour reading blogs where people are winning and losing 10 times that in a day, but it really is enough (if marginal), if I'm not too greedy. On reading these tournament reports though I am very tempted, when I read about some of the plays going down. Hmm. Maybe the odd shot when I'm running good ...

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