Sunday, February 26, 2006


500 Up

Racked up 500 Sit and Goes in the end for a profit of $6,600. That's probably around par for the course at the $50 level. The last 100 or so was very strange, I was being kicked from pillar to post on Stars, but I couldn't miss on Pokerroom. You can see why people come up with these crazy ideas about cashout curses and so on. Variance plays many tricks.

Hopefully I've learned a few things as well. When it comes to game selection, I think the key is how high are your chances of cashing without ever running an all-in race. That might be because you can fold into the money every now and then, or because people play tightly enough for you to steal your way into contention. In some games, you just can't do it. The 10-handed games on Party for example. 10-handed, not that many chips to play with [1], and they will call you down, which is most annoying when you have JT or something and someone calls off 2/3 of his stack with QT.

For me, I seem to prefer the games in the morning and afternoon. In the evening the players are more loose/aggressive on most sites, which I don't like. You have fewer chances to make the first raise, and they'll call you more often when you do. The question now is whether to have a spin at $100, with say a $2000 stop loss. I might just do that, with careful game selection of course.

[1] Yes, I know they've just doubled the starting chips, but seeing as they also doubled the blinds at every level that didn't really help.

Guaranteed overlay of the month, the $1m guaranteed $200+$15 at Pokerstars this Sunday?

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