Friday, January 20, 2006


It Begins

Dell's customer support may have been slightly underinformed but you can't whack their delivery - 20" LCD screen arrived within 24 hours of order. And it rocks. 4-tabling takes a little getting used to. The first time I tried it, after 15 minutes I developed one of those "afterimages" like when you stare at a bright light without realising it. Of course I finished all the tournaments I was playing, $80 of EV being much more important than my long-term vision. It was one of those "teeth breaking ... must ... finish ... sandwich" moments.

Fortunately that hasn't recurred, and it was probably because I dived straight in to the most awkward software to multi-table on IMO (Pokerroom/Eurobet). It's going well so far, but I'm probably running hot, and anyway it's pointless even looking at your results until you've played a few hundred. I'm not going to post a number on here till I've played 500, hopefully by then I will have a rough idea how it's going. In the meantime I'm trying very hard to ignore the short-term results and just play.

Don't expect any posts discussing individual hands. When you're playing so many hands, no single coup is worth that much anyway. Tendencies and aggression ratios are much more important. One more thing, if anyone can point me towards a Cryptologic deal whereby I can get rakeback on single table tournaments, I would appreciate it. At the moment I have a deal with Caribbean Sun but that appears to work for cash games only. You have to have some kind of rakeback setup to play STTs seriously.

Try here :

"I had a few questions about my rakeback offer on Crypto as well. The rakeback does include tournament (STTs, MTTs)"
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