Friday, January 06, 2006


Fairly Poor Play

I have been playing a few FPP satellites on Stars just for yuks, and at the third or fourth time of asking I have converted 300 to 3000. Some of the play in these would turn your stomach, it really would. These are 1 in 10 satellites now, rather than 9 seats irrespective of the size of the field, so 15K is par for a seat, if you make 10K you really should win a seat and if by chance you do top 20K (although you never should unless people are throwing chips at you) it's time to sit out and flick your plums instead. It's also worth noting that you can unregister from the event you qualify for (like with the W$) and use the FPPs whenever you see fit, which could be saving them for the WSOP or playing more 300s to build up a "bank".

With 12 seats on offer tonight, one guy managed to bust out 14th after having 22K at one point which was a hell of an effort, but the blue riband must go to the loser of this hand. UTG limps, I limp in the small blind (virtually compulsory with the antes) and the BB checks. It comes K9K, checked round (I'm not interested, I have T6). Turn is a T, now three spades on board, I check, BB makes a small bet, UTG moves in for 13K. I insta-fold. BB also has around 13K left and quickly calls. Name those hands ? How about Ace high flush for UTG and QJ straight for the BB. BB = bye bye. Not that moving in with the flush was much better play, I would have thought you'd only be called by a full house. Another mis-read on my part.

I have a terrible record in B+M supers, I won a £750 seat in Luton once, that's it. 0 for about 20 in the US. They are a law unto themselves but I think I'm starting to pick up the knack. What's most interesting to me is that many players believe that the best way to protect their stack is to overbet allin, when in fact this is the best way of knocking yourself out. Check-calling and incurring the risk of being outdrawn (or already behind) for maybe 1/3 of your chips is much smarter. But I suppose the old testosterone kicks in. All in bitch ! Oh. How can he have the nuts this site is rigged.

Even in these games, something to learn. Good job really because I'm doing my bollocks for real money.

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