Monday, January 16, 2006


Calm Before The Storm

I haven't played an MTT for at least a week. Quite a nice break really. After phoning Dell to check whether my laptop would support 1600x1200 and receiving the polite but less than confidence-inspiring response "we don't know", I tested it on a big screen at work today and it looked ok, so I ordered the new 20" LCD. Once that's in place I'm inclined to 4-table as seriously as I can for a bit and basically have a proper go at making some money.

That may well be primarily in Sit and Goes. I've been trying a few different modes of play in these and I'm sure there were holes in my game last time I was attacking these. Mostly, playing too few hands early on and committing all-in too often 4-handed. I know they shouldn't call me 4-handed when I go all in but they clearly don't. I should also be better placed in short-handed games that pay 70-75% to the winner instead of 50%. Once the screen arrives we'll have a bash.

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