Sunday, December 11, 2005


Running Bad

Here's how I'm running lately : I just played the Betfair "Cryptic Challenge" Freeroll. First prize was £1000 but, in a bizarre twist, the bubble (101st) was an entry into a 12-man playoff to win a £20 grand car. I told you it was bizarre ... anyway I managed to finish 106th. You don't want to hear the rest. But on a moment's thought, my EV prior to being crippled was only about $130. It's nice that Betfair are adding this money but it seems silly to award a "consolation prize" of £1600 to someone because they've just missed out on £5 for 100th. I wonder if there will be any scream ups regarding exactly who "bubbles" in these situations if two people are knocked out on the same hand.

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