Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Out Of It

6th on Crypto last night for $1200, which wipes out the rest of November's losses and puts me back at my peak for the year. What a bizarre final table though. Going in I had the chip leader on my immediate left with 200K and the most active player on my immediate right with 65K. I had 100K and no one else had more than 50K. An hour later, active player was out 9th, chip leader 8th and there were 6 of us left with roughly even chips ! Unfortunately I then lost a huge pot with QQ v AK. I made a normal raise of 9K and he launched 100K all in so I had no option to play the flop. Can't complain though, I was on a freeroll after 66 beat JJ last hand before the antes (it's amazing how often I've gone out just before the antes lately), and I had won two big 50/50s along the way.

I must also admit to winning a seat to the £150K guaranteed in a super at the weekend. I know, I just fancied a change :-). After being gifted two double-ups from 3K to 12K it was very straightforward to win the seat. Oh if only you could take the money, these would be a decent earner. Come to think of it, if you win a seat on Crypto and then play some more, maybe you can, I'll have to find out. Did nothing in the main event though, just to prove my point ...

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