Friday, October 28, 2005


Mission Accomplished

So what happened in the end ? When the 8s stood up that made me chip leader, and soon enough we were 4 handed with me still holding a slight chip lead. Then bosh bosh bosh I knocked each of them out on a 50-50, one by one, in about 10 minutes. Skill - it's overrated. $5000 kerching. Just in time too or I might have had a losing month, which would have sucked.

GIQ I know, but privately a little celebration is in order. After all, I didn't just take it to the hoop, I 540 slam-dunked it ! Haha. Overall, props are due yet again to Dan Harrington. What a legend. A quick re-read of Volume 1 and I stopped playing KQ, AJ and so on in early postion in the early rounds. That seemed to help a lot. In general I was surprised how many people knocked themselves out trying to bluff. Massive, Hollywood, check raise allin on the river bluffs. If this is more common at the higher levels, it might suit me better. One of my problems is that I pay off too much with top pair. If people are bluff raising more often, that's not going to hurt me so much. Next stop the £110 on Sunday nights I think !

big enuff wood in a forest does make a small sound even if only few are really listening =)

If you are that certain that BB will raise if you limp, how about limpreraising allin. That is how my (swedish) opponent started his outplaying masterplan against me.

If Dan's book is still in your small pokerbook collection, it seems like I have to read it too. Live. Learn. Forget.

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