Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Getting It Quietly

It has been quiet on here lately, so I thought that seeing as I had just moved the blog I might as well give you a quick update. The reason it has moved, by the way, is that I have flogged off the domain and so I'm going through the process of removing "pokersoft" from as many bits and pieces as I can. I will rename the other blog as soon as I think of a cool name. Unfortunately "Revenge Of The Nerds" is taken.

It's been quiet on here poker-wise because the tournaments are going very well online. Perhaps I am the luckiest git in Christendom as Pete B says, but I'm on a good run for sure. When you're running good, you don't want to over analyse your game. Get the cake while it's hot. Analyse later, or when you're running bad. That's when you learn more. In which case I ought to have learned a shedload in 2003/04, but if all I did learn is "don't bother with live tournaments" that's a big plus in itself.

Also, when you're playing well, "interesting" hands don't tend to come up so often, because most of these dilemmas are caused by mistakes on earlier rounds. When you're not making those mistakes, you don't create many problems that you have to solve.

The last 3 months have been the best I've ever had online, consistently too, no single result over about $2500. I should remember that when I'm sulking about "only" finishing 3rd in an online tournament, or doing £500 at Gutshot. I've had 3 opportunities to take down $5-6 grand over the last month, in tournaments around the $100 entry mark. My mission now is to take the next one to the hoop. If I'm not posting on here so often in the meantime, assume that things are cool !

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