Sunday, September 18, 2005


Try It You Might Like It

I just destroyed two Sit and Goes on Stars by basically playing every hand. My rule of thumb is that if I have more than 20 SBs in my stack then I see the flop, unless the action is such that it will be all in pre-flop and the odds are clearly bad. By destroyed I mean by the time we were heads up I had 90% of the chips. Having tried this 8 times my results are 2-3-1-11. Which isn't really the point, the point is it's great fun if you just want to fuck about for 40 minutes. It's also a great pickup after you take a bad beat in a real tournament, to stick the bad beats on other people.

The beauty of it is that no one can ever put you on a hand, and when you hit the right flop (which happens more often than you might think) you can check-raise and slow-play all the way to the bank. I have to leave the chat off though - I can't imagine what people are calling me ...

I've tried this strategy three or four times in tournaments and two or three times in low-level cash games near the end of my holiday.

In the tournaments I have got nowhere, never hitting a blinding flop and hitting many "nearly" flops (thus losing more than my pre-flop bet). In the cash games, I have comprehensively done my bollocks, utterly failing to hit flops for hours on end.

Just thought I'd offer an alternative side of the coin.

I think your side of the coin is weghted slightly heavier Pete:)
I think you're being results-oriented, Andy. I know from your blog and other stuff you've written that you're perfectly aware of the long run.

Like you and Pete B, I've tried this and sometimes it's worked, sometimes it hasn't; more often the latter.

I think Harrington even mentions it in Vol 1 of HoH. Needless to say, he's not a fan of the idea.

I tried it myself last night in six sit n go's. Fuck me it was strange. I felt awful calling under the gun with junk, seeing a flop, hitting it and getting paid. It was horrible I tell you. Just fucking horrible.

Andy - I'd like to know how you get on with this long term? Have you been doing it for a while?
Calm down guys :-)

I have no kind of sample size for proving anything and I didn't mean to imply that it was +EV. I suspect it's still -EV but by so little (around the $5 buyin mark) that there's no harm in it every now and then for fun.

I've only played two more since the original post and both times I got my money in from the front and was outdrawn ! Which wasn't supposed to happen !

Whether you learn anything useful or pick up bad habits though I'm not sure ...

... although having said that I just played 3, finished 331 and someone called me a dumbazz for knocking his AA off with 95. No one likes to see that.

Just wanted to say great job, nice blog!

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