Saturday, August 27, 2005


That Was My Idea

Via the great Iggy, a post from Andy Bloch on RGP :

Subject: Is Andy Bloch right?

NL HE Tourney

-Blinds are $300-$600.
-Player under the gun has $605 and goes-all in.
-Everyone folds to the blinds and both call the $605.

Andy Bloch said that if the UTG player is smart, he will only go in for
$600, and one of the other players will have to raise or bet 600 later
to get him all-in, potentially forcing out the other player.

I'm not going on to RGP to look for the whole thread, I always want to have a half-hour shower after going on there at all. Anyway, haven't I read that somewhere before ?

I rule. By the way I am not for a second making any claims about plagiarism - it's simply an idea that Andy Bloch also thought of. After me though :-)

I remember reading something online, I think on CardPlayer, about Doyle Brunson doing this in a big tournament. Someone asked why he hadn't got all in and he explained that he didn't want the camera crew to be called over. I wondered if there was a better reason...

Dave M.
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