Friday, August 19, 2005


I Remember Now

I have been playing a few S+Gs this week, just for a change and to knock off the Pokerstars bonus. Up until today I was doing quite tidily and thinking "why did I stop playing these ?". Today I had my memory jogged by one 3rd place out of 6, topped off by a catastrophic every-all-in-survives-except-mine 4th place special. Fortunately a bit of swearing and some 2c-4c limit maniacery blew off the impending tilt. Someone told me I played crap hands at 2c-4c. Oh no ! What if their verbal sparring puts me on tilt, I might do the lot ! Nob-ends.

I'll have to have a serious think about my medium/long term plan because I don't think I could face grinding it out at poker ! Work is mad at the moment, although at least while it is the day goes by quickly. Unfortunately I might have to show my face on Sunday, which is bad news. I'm hopefully looking at 6 months off next year though. After 6 months of Sit and Goes I'll probably be begging to come back ...

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