Monday, August 01, 2005


The Best Laid Plans Of Mice

I quite enjoyed the film of Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, but I did miss a few little things from the book that didn't make it to the screen. Like when the mice say "Oh well - the best laid plans of mice" and Arthur Dent chips in "and men !" and they just look at him like he's a complete nob-end. BTW the other bit I missed was when Arthur saves everybody by turning on the Infinite Improbability Drive and suddenly they all have new respect for him "Hey Earthman, you saved our lives !". He says "Oh, it was nothing" like any Englishman would and they all go "oh was it ? Never mind then" because they don't do sarcasm. I'm like that on the forums sometimes.

Anyway, the best laid plans of mice and men have gang aglay once again (I knew that - I just used google to check) because Blue Square have scheduled their league playoff for Wednesday night. Which is fine, he who pays the piper (or the bagpiper if we're quoting Burns). So I am going to blow the Vic out, as is right and proper, this is a £100 freeroll (for the main event in Luton) even without an edge over the field, which I have, having observed my foes over the course of the three week league period. I can tell you about it now because it's too late - you snooze you lose !

And Luton itself might have to be given the swerve if I can't manage to contact the DVLA (do you think the V stands for Vogons ?) by then, which is looking a longshot judging by today's efforts. Of course if I win the freeroll I'll be fine - they're bound to kick in a few hundred $ for expenses, so it will be a door-to-door limo from Loftus Road to Luton !

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