Saturday, August 20, 2005


Another String To The Bow

When they say "another string to your bow", is that like a bow and arrow so you can fire two arrows ? Or is it a violin, so you can play two at once ? Or something. These things bother me. Anyway it's not so much violins as trumpets, as in blowing my own - $1000 on Party in the $10 PLO8 rebuy. What a game this is if you have an edge. More thoughts later. Unfortunately it went on so long (5 hours 15), by the time I had polished it off it was much too late to fight through the traffic for Barnet v Macclesfield. Never mind, an afternoon in front of Soccer Saturday. Oh wait, no TV. Bugger.

Later on Well quite a profitable day, despite Rangers getting a whopping off Coventry in their new stadium, me missing out on Barnet 1 Macc 0 and so weakening my case for rubbing down the Macc fan at work and being on the receiving end of a scoffing from Pete Birks (I'm sure he only mentions the TV at the end to give me the needle). Wow, that PLO8, once you get some chips. I have dabbled in this before and realised intellectually that it seemed like great value without ever going far enough to stick at it. Today I realised that a good PLO8 comp is full of people who can't play tournaments, can't play Omaha 8, can't play Pot Limit, and all combinations of the above. Definitely a better bet than S+Gs if I fancy a change from NL tournaments. I think I'll keep the secrets of this game to myself for a while - but if you know the score I'm sure you can divine them for yourself.

Well, I decided to look it up:

'To have more than one string to one's bow'.

To have an alternative available; it was the custom of archers to carry a reserve string in case of emergency.

and you had to look that up???
-and you had to look that up???-

I guess misspent youth is pretty lame or, more likely, misspent adulthood.

Brewer's Dictionary of Phrase and Fable obliged (my girlfriend bought it).
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