Sunday, August 07, 2005


£300 at the Vic

Had a spin, no good. I'm not going to bother with the whole hand reporting thing, that's ten a penny nowadays. And it's often very hard to do when you've lost (which is after all usually the case) without sounding like a bit of a whingebag. Trip reporters, heed my number 1 trip report tip, DO NOT criticise your opponents' play, ESPECIALLY when they knock you out. Just say what they did and let the reader decide for themselves.

That said, it was nice to catch up with a few people. As The Camel said at the bar beforehand, you do miss the social side just playing online. Also hob-nobbed with DY, Jo, Dr Channing, Bushy, JQ, Richard introduced himself, and so on. It does strike me that it would be nice to be this social and not end up £300 out of pocket mind you.

It was hard to get into the game to start with, I find live poker sooooo slooooowwww these days. Especially when I'm short stacked. One downside of my confidence at this stage is that I know what to do instantly at least 95% of the time. Probably more. So it's look at cards pass ... watch someone dwell up for 2 minutes over a decision that's equally clear cut ... repeat. Vicky and Michael Arnold made up an amusing double act for a while which just about kept me awake enough to stay in the game and not do anything stupid, but eventually I split one when we both had A6, then my K7 ran into QQ and lost. You're not going to win a tournament if you don't win a single "on their backs" whatever you do. Damn there you see, whingeing again ...


Looking back over your early posts I noticed that you published your results. Are you still planning to do so? I was wondering how you had got on overall on the net compared to live. Are you still net positive on the net? Which do you find easier to make money? Live/net, cash/tournaments

Maple Leaf
Hi ML,

I was planning to at least report the +/- of each live tournament on here. I wasn't going to go down the Big Dave D road of a number on every post. Looking back, I found a "state of the nation" post from almost exactly a year ago on the other blog, here :

Since then (on a quick reckoning) I have made just over $2000 playing B+M tournaments in the UK ; lost $500 over 2 US trips ; and made $11,000 online, mostly in MTTs.

Later on I might post a full update but for now, that's not bad and has cheered me up a bit before going to work :-).

As to your last question, definitely online and tournaments, although all things can change.

"If anyone knows what you can do other than call when two players are all in for 80% of your chips and you know you're behind, write it on a 6x4 card and send to T. Myland, A Cardboard Box, The Gutter. It'll be waiting for him when he moves in."

Now where did I read that??? :)
Ah, but I am now a wiser man :-)

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