Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Time For A Spin-Up

Right then. I feel good about my game and it's time to have another spin at the festivals. I was thinking about stepping straight into the £1500 at Luton which will be great value no doubt, however I thought it would be better not to put all my eggs in one basket and try the following instead :

3/8 £200 PL Rebuy (Vic). One rebuy maximum.
7/8 £300 Freezeout (Vic)
8/8 £200 Freezeout (Luton)
12/8 £250 Shootout (Luton)
14/8 £100 PL Freezeout (Luton)

A nice mix of styles, and all within bankroll *. If I should make £1500 profit or more in the first three, I can then spin that up in the £1500. This should be a good chance to test the water and see how these things are playing right now because they do change from year to year. And to see how my game stands at this level. After I fluked a result in 2001 I spent about 18 months giving it back at this level. It staggers me to think of everything I know now that I didn't know then, to look back at some of the mistakes I made that I wouldn't make now. And that's the way it should be. If I don't say the same thing in 2008 looking back to now, that will be a problem.

I will be going for the win, and I won't be making any deals unless they are heavily in my favour. I want to win an amount of money that can set me up for a decent run, and I want a good result on my CV. Nothing looks better than "1st (no deals)". So I have three weeks to prepare (fail to prepare, prepare to fail !) and of course I will keep you posted with reports here. Speaking of preparation by the way, does anyone know what the Vic's blind structure will be ? Two blinds, three blinds, two blinds with antes (for NL) ? I know I could phone them up but what odds I can talk to anyone who knows. What were they last time ?

Incidentally I have only just noticed that Luton is ALL freezeouts. Interesting. This can't be just because they can squeeze the maximum juice out can it ? And the Vic have only 2 rebuy tournaments, including the crapshoot-tastic pot-limit PLO8 (the only time I played one of these I saw a guy reraise all in with KQJ2). Has there been player pressure for more freezeouts ? As you know I'm not in the "rebuys aren't fair" camp but I wonder if enough of that talk has reached the ears of the tournament organisers.

* I don't mean I only have £1500 to play with, I mean these are all less than 3% of my bankroll which is a reasonable limit for a single tournament.

a minor point, but the Luton shootout is £300 and limited to 100 players (10 tables of 10), so will sell out quicker than others that week

Last festival there were two rebuy events early in the week which attracted, from memory, 62 and 64 runners against 140 capacity. Every freezeout exceeded 100 runners with two sell outs

Whilst I am not necessarily in the category that says the players such as I with a rebuy and an add on in reserve have an inherent disavantage compared to a rich maniac or a sponsored player ( in my opinion for every drawing hand you have to fold because you don't have the £ there will be a hand where you have top pair/two pair/trips etc where the maniac/gambler/sponsored guy will attempt to hit his draw and miss, paying you off) I think it is fair to say that I am in a minority on this. Certainly a number of players represented the opposite view to Carmel and the absence of any rebuy events at Luton in August is the result.

It certainly was an experience watching one well known player (you know them but I won't name names) ask for a receipt for all 17 £250 rebuys "so I can account for them on my expenses form".

Sadly though the prize pool was inflated for others not me!

See you in the festival, awaiting your comeback to "new testament" chirping!
Thanks for the info. Interesting background to the freezeouts. I'm glad to hear that the shootout is limited to 100 because having more than 1 qualifier from a table can cause no end of problems.

I'm starting to wonder about these sponsors. Don't they ask "17 rebuys ? Would you do that with your own money ?". Don't they say "We gave you $40K to play the main event and you haven't posted a report for 10 days ?".

Quite a few sponsors must have been clobbered during this WSOP. I wonder if a few will decide to re-think.

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