Saturday, July 09, 2005


Real Live Poker

Just made it back from Luton's £100 freezeout. Reading HOH2 and seeing all this WSOP stuff on the web was enough to make me bite for some live poker. And I quite enjoyed it, albeit nothing very spectacular happened, I spent about three hours between 4500 and 7000 (from a starting stack of 5000).

Fairly early on I moved tables and there was this young guy 2 to my left who, it was immediately apparent, knew what he was doing. Someone called him "JP" and I asked him if he was John Paul Kelly, who I've heard Keith speak highly of. He said he was. I asked him why he wasn't in Vegas, and he said he was only 19 ... just like policemen they get younger and younger. Good player too. At one point I raised, he flat called, one of the blinds went all in for double the bet, I called, JPK moved in. Luckily for me I only had some suited bollocks so I folded, although the pot was big enough for me to have called if I had any kind of hand. I was fully expecting to see only half a hand - but he had Aces ! Sneaky. By 11pm he was caked up and running the table. I reraised him for about 4K with 44 (blinds 300-600) - I know but he was the one player who might have passed. Unfortunately there were others at the table, and one of them woke up with QQ. Oh dear how sad never mind.

Saw you down at Luton on Friday. Must have been the first time in several months?

I was hoping to be on your table if only to give you a comment along the lines of

"that move is straight out of the new testament was it?" if only to get your reaction to sitting with someone who quietly reads your stuff, but unfortunately not!

and you are right about JP, he's headed to top, an absolute terror
Yeah it has been a while but I enjoyed it so I should be back soon. Please say that next time you see me, I have a cool answer lined up :-)

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