Saturday, July 16, 2005


Oh If I Could Only Get Some Sleep

If you are wondering how I called off 4K with no pair and two outs at Luton last night, here it is. £100 rebuy 2500 chips to start 5 tables. I worked up to 4500 and doubled up to 9K with JJ v A9 just before the rebuys ended. Shortly after, blinds are 100-200. Geezer on my immediate right goes all in for 300, I make it 700 with AK and Asif calls in the big blind.

Flop 854 rainbow, Asif moves in for 4K (surprise). I have 7K at this point. Now I wish I could tell you what my thought process was at this point but basically it was "I have no idea what he has. Fuck it. Call." He had about the most unpleasant hand he could reasonably have at this point - A5. And the all in turns over AK. Marvellous. Down to 3K which I soon lose with A5 v 99 when the blinds go up to 200-400.

Asif is a bit of a legend. I've always found him very difficult to read. I think I have a better line on him having seen two more hands last night : soon after our coup he raises, Ray Hammer calls, flop comes AKJ and Asif moves in. Ray has a dwell up and claims to pass AQ. Asif shows him AJ. Soon enough though Paul Alterman calls him down with a King high flush draw on a board of 77c6c, and finds he was winning all the way against Q9 no clubs.

Asif does get paid when he has a hand (by fish like me :-)) and will win many more tournaments than a lot of players who look down on him. He's probably still losing, but man he has fun with it.

I was a bit zonked and shouldn't really have played. Driving up I almost rear-ended someone and thought "Are you sure you're in a fit state to play poker ?". 2 minutes later I thought "Are you sure you're fit to drive ?", first things first though. Calling without thinking is a sure sign of tiredness and I'm finding it really hard to play late at night sometimes, being out of practice. I still signed up for the two Vic comps as planned, one of them has a final the next day and the other is 4pm on a Sunday so shouldn't be too bad. We might see how those go before committing to all-night sessions in Luton (especially the Shootout which finishes on the night).

Despite all that it was fun last night, Luton had clearly imported the Internet's top dealers for the occasion, 2-outers being pinged on the river on a regular basis. Best of all last hand before the rebuys, three diamonds on board, 4 players all in. 8 high flush, 9 high flush, Q high flush and two pair. All that surprised me was that the two pair didn't hit. Typical Pokerstars.

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