Sunday, June 05, 2005


I Won Ten Grand Once ...

... now I'm playing $1-2 limit on the Internet. A comedown - or a much more sensible way of playing ? This is poker after all, not a sport - you want to play against the worst players, not the best. I could still knock it up a notch or two and I will once I'm sure I have the fundamentals down. What's quite striking is the difference in the games on different sites at different times. For example, $1-2 on Crypto in the afternoon is a totally different game to, say, $2-4 on Stars at 11pm.

The other striking factor is how many bonuses there are knocking around at the moment. I've pulled in $300 in bonuses in the last 10 days, with another $300 in the pipeline. And none of these are sign-up bonuses ! They're either monthly deals or reloads on Party and Stars. All you have to do is break even at $1-2 ($2-4 on Stars) and you're pulling in $10/table hour for free. When I see posts on Gutshot saying "boo hoo I can't afford the £200 can we have a satellite" it makes me wonder what's wrong with people. I hate to break this to you but if you can't make £200 online in 2 weeks then you'd be toast in a £200 event anyway (even this one).

That last line should be written in gold. Absolutely spot on.

'That last line should be written in gold. Absolutely spot on.'


a/ it's not true

b/ it's incredibly ironic
Please explain !

On further thought, if you're saying it's not true because even the worst players have a chance in a tournament, that's fair enough (provided they are at least aggressive).

If you're saying it's ironic as a comment on anyone who placed highly in this particular competition, I wouldn't know about that :-)

Yes, lots of losing players have shots in these tournaments + lots of top tournament players lose money on-line e.g. Lucy Rokach. In fact I suspect most of the 'names' in tournament poker don't cut in on-line.

irony: while a few of us are struggling to make the grade on-line, you guys aren't breaking any balls!
Funnily enough I was talking to Lawrence about this last night. I will probably start a new post on the subject over the weekend.

Just one small point, are you the same person who posted the previous anonymous comment in this thread ? I have no problem whatsoever with anonymous posts, I just don't know right now if I have reached agreement with the previous poster or if this is someone else chipping in.

It is the same Mr Anon as previous

(or this is a 3rd one!)
'This is poker after all, not a sport - you want to play against the worst players, not the best.'

By that logic you'd end up playing in the micro games!

maple leaf
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