Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Bits and Pieces

I have been trying my luck with Pete B's suggested limit HE strategy (you can find it in the comments here). I have to say that it has been kicking serious ass on Cryptologic. It doesn't seem to work as well on Party, or Stars, but against the Crypto calling stations I seem to be invincible. No doubt I'm now running hot, but all the same it has to make sense against the kind of people who will call you down with a gutshot, bottom pair or even Ace high, but who won't bet without top pair. And there are a lot of them about on Crypto. It's certainly helping.

Tonight though I am in some promotion on Party and I have no idea what the hell it is. They sent me an Email saying that because I had done my bollocks playing 1-2 (that's what they meant anyway) I could play in this "Late Night Poker Ace Freeroll". After trying to register, failing, emailing support, them telling me to try again next week, but then finding that I could register after all, I'm in it tonight. It says "1 Entry to the Semi Finals worth $1274 each for the top 25 players" and the only other information I know is that these "Semi Finals" take place on the 29th. As there are 300 runners in it right now it looks like a $100 freebie. But there's no mention of it on the website, the Email doesn't clarify, the tournament window is no use - what's it all about ? If I wasn't so suspicious of a free lunch I would guess that it's some semi-final to a fairly big TV tournament. But who knows ? It's ironic that Party are so slapdash compared to Pokerstars, and yet it's crazy to play on Pokerstars because the games are so much tougher. Anyway does anyone know the deal with this ?

Andy I think it relates to this...
Cool, thanks.

I don't need the makeover either of course :-)

Hi Andy,

Glad that the strategy is at least working somewhere. Now, with luck, you will be able to sit down and say to yourself, WHY is it not working on Stars or Party? Are they reraising you? Or are they doing the "play dead and call" tactic?

The worry is not when you are losing, but when you don't know why you are losing.

So, tweak the strategy at Stars and Party. Either tighten up your raising standards (but retain the general aggression) or become slightly less aggressive against reraisers, calling them down with top pair.

I've made quite a bit against some aggressive players simply by playing dead and calling to the end with top pair top kicker.

One thing that you should allow for is that constant reraising of you over a short timespan does not necessarily mean that you have been "found out". It might just mean that you happen to be coming up against good cards. Learning this cost me a lot of money on Paradise!

GL: Keep hammering away at them. It will come right once you get the hand selection spot on.

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