Sunday, May 08, 2005


The Great Experiment (1)

So how's it going ? Well, it's not especially. I'm about $200 down on the games I have specified ($5-10 limit and $1-2 Big Bet). I have been spending quite a bit of time playing 6-handed, Hold-Em and Omaha 8, at lower levels, which is great when you're winning but rather tilt-tastic when you aren't. I was kicking ass on 6-handed 3-6 Hold-Em on Stars until this evening when I lost all my profits and some more in an horrendous series of hands. You really don't want to hear the details. Fortunately short-handed Hold-Em especially knocks bonuses off in no time, I finished off a $120 bonus on Saturday and am already half-way through another $120 in about 2 hours play today.

I am going to find the cash difficult until I can control my emotional reaction to losing. My worst habit right now is eyeing the door when I'm winning, by which I mean tightening up and tending to quit good games, and wanting to play on when I'm losing. The run of hands I lost this evening could have happened to anyone but I've probably lost 4 or 5 big bets I shouldn't have done, and quite possibly folded the best hand at least once because my judgement was off, although of course we'll never know. I need to stop as soon as I see the first signs of tilt. Here's a good article someone wrote on the subject - oh right, it was me. Well I should practise what I preach, or actually a better aphorism would be "physician heal thyself".

All the same I'm learning. Good job too because I am totally burned out with online tournaments. I played two this weekend because both sites had more than doubled the prize pool but it was really hard work, and mainly a relief to be knocked out (without having done anything wrong). I could do worse than find something else to keep me occupied for the summer at least.

Get on with it for fuck's sake. I want to see you either do your bollocks in double-quick time or get so much cake you could start your own bakery. I hope you're not wasting time doing gay things like working.
Yeah, in a bit.

But I must refute your suggestion that work is gay. Only next month they're taking us all to Crete. On an Ancient Greek themed weekend (complete with toga party). 250 guys and 20 women.

Er, hmmm.
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