Thursday, April 28, 2005


Is It Down To The Lake I Fear

Those of you who are not of a certain age will need to be told that the title means this is a follow up to my "Where do we go from here" post. Where DO we go from here ? I'm terrible for thinking of plans and then ditching them after a week. So I'm putting this here to make me stick with it, if I do intend to go for it.

I spend too much time online playing too small. I have the mindset "well I don't want to lose more than a couple of $K on this". Which is really a bit pointless considering my poker "tank" is well in excess of that. If you're starting from scratch, it makes sense to start off in a small game and work your way up. But I'm not starting from scratch. When I play too small, even though I think I'm preparing to move up, I just get bored or give up because it's taken me 10 hours to make $100, even if this is a perfectly acceptable rate for the game I'm playing. So I end up not progressing at all. And it could easily be that the smaller games are so different to the medium games (especially the big-bet cash games) that it's no preparation anyway.

I don't want to go broke for sure, but I'm probably too risk-averse and this might mean I'm missing out on regular, decent money on-line. It might and it might not - there's only one way to find out. So my current plan is to take $5K and play some proper games with it. $10-20 limit. $1/2 big bet. Not just Hold-Em, whatever I can find that I think I can beat. Spin it up and if I lose it don't worry about it. It's worth risking this money given the upside of finding, well, an income for life. Quit-work-and-play-the-boss's-head-like-a-bongo-on-your-way-out money.

Comments on the cunning-ness (or otherwise) of my plan are very welcome, as are pointers to the best games at this level (of an evening and a weekend). By E-mail ( if you don't want to invite everyone to the party.

As the saying goes, 'if you want to find out how hot the custard is.... stick your cock in it.'

Giving 5k a spin in a cash game is surely no different than giving it a spin in tourny entry fees (apart from risk:reward ratio)

Many players playing high stakes certainly didn't get there by working their way up through the levels with the required number of hands. They pulled up 5k, got lucky and won enough to be able to consolidate/learn for a while at that level.

Give it a rip - if nothing else you will have plenty of material for your diary!!
Couldn't agree more - go for it. I have a smaller bankroll but went up to 10/20 a couple of months ago because I was bored by, and beginning to lose in, the 5/10 games. While I haven't played a statistically significant number of games yet at this level, I feel I'm playing much better. My PokerTracker stats tend to confirm this and I've had 13 of 15 winning sessions since then, compared to 55% winning at 5/10 before that. Best of British.

I hope you’re not expecting anyone to disagree with the brilliance of your plan.
To me, if losing in a game doesn’t hurt, then winning doesn’t give any satisfaction.
I’d prefer losing 100 in 10 hours in a game where I could lose 2k, than win 100 in a game where the most I could lose is 300.
I could ask you to come to my regular game but then I wouldn’t be the tightest player there !
Good luck, and keep us posted.

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